Urgent Ė Getting Evicted Ė Need to sell stuff


Guys, Iím getting evicted the 28th this month (long story) so Iím trying to sell what I can to save the house but thereís more to the story and yes, I tend to get a little wordy but read on if youíre interested.


The short of it is that I have a bunch of good stuff to sell and the list is at http://www.extuff.biz/forsale/list.htm

Iíve had the same list up on the market place and have sold a few things but now itís urgent. Yes, I will try to get as much as possible out of the stuff and if youíre going to lowball me, feel free to do so but I may choose to wait to see if I get a better price.

There ARE flashlights on there and I have a huge lot of SPOTLIGHTS type 12v and so on that I bought on ebay. These are store returns and such and need to be checked to see which one has good batteries, good chargers and so on but thereís a huge amount and to ship it would be a pallet so consider that before contacting me.

Just so that this doesnít come out to be just about me begging for money or telling my life story, I want to point out that this IS first and foremost a sales thread. I want to sell my stuff to raise the money, but, I will also ask for some help further down so for those who donít want to read it, just click the link above and see if thereís something youíd like to buy, OR swap as I may be able to sell THAT to someone.

======== Alright, on with the begging =========

Normally Iíd be too proud to beg for help nor do I like it when people play the sympathy card (like in TV on shows like American Idol) but I simply have to swallow my pride because my big worry is not that Iím going to get thrown out. Hell, I can live anywhere and have done so before, but I have FIVE rescue dogs.

I mean, I rescued them from other people that didn't want them and so on and one of them, Georgie the Rottie (no, I didn't name him  :)  I got from a shelter literally 30 mins before they were going to gas him so if I put them on the street, I'm no better than their previous owners.

No one is going to rent me a place with five dogs and although I may be able to find temporary homes for them which I would hate to do because some of them are old and real timid and they would hate to have to move at this point but I know I canít find foster homes for all of them.

Also and this is the lesser of my concerns, I have A LOT OF STUFF and no place is going to be big enough to hold my stuff which means, Iíll lose it all and I have GOOD stuff. Just see the list.

As for the pride, hell, Iíve helped out other people before so the hell with it, Iím just going to ask for help. If I donít get it, thatís ok too because no one here really knows me so thatís cool, All I can do is ask but I will post a few examples on the page listed below and let me just say that they are ALL verifiable and do NOT feel bad about asking me to prove it to you before you help me out. I myself doubt people that tell me how good and honest they are. This is normal.

Donations ARE welcome but I would LIKE to pay it back but cannot do so until I get some money which will be later this year (see link below).

I also have some property that my dad left me but I wonít be able to access it Ďcause Iím going to court against his wife (no, NOT my mom).

I am looking for a loan (1 year term) for which I am willing to pay 20% interest.

This means that anyone that has say equity in their home could take an equity loan which will probably cost you 5-6%. I will give you 20% for the amount which will give you a profit of 14-15% unless Iím totally mistaken (math isnít my strong suit).
If the argument is, hell, I canít afford to make the payment on the loan, then I can pay THAT too out of the money you lent me but I WILL take it out from the money I pay you. After all, 20% is a killer deal. NO one gets that kind of return today.

Another option is if you have the money available of course but also 401k or profit sharing and if Iím not mistaken, you can borrow the money from yourself at no interest if you pay it back. IF this is the case, the 20% is pure profit.

Can I guarantee this loan? Yes I can and I will explain further down or rather, in a link Iíll post.

How much money do I need? My bank wouldnít tell me over the phone how much Iím behind with the mortgage but theyíre sending me a letter about it. I would guess $3-5000 which is what I need before the 20th so I can stave off the foreclosure.

I am also looking to borrow money so I can make it financially till the end off the year when I will get the inheritance (my dads house). I have a buyer for it now but I will lose as much as $80,000 because Iíll  have to sell the house at a  much lower price.

Alright, so, if anyone wants to help me in any way other than outright buying stuff, please click the link below which will take you to my site where there will be an even LONGER explanation. If you have ANY interest in helping me/making 20% return on  your money, please e mail or even better, call me for more info. Iím up all night so evenings and nights are the best time to call and yes, you can call anytime Ďcause my hours are funky and you do NOT disturb anyone if you call.

http://www.extuff.biz/plea.htm The even longer explanation about the loan offer/plea.

Thanks and please make a reasonable offer on what you might be interested in. Prices on the list are definitely negotiable at this point.


(Below is the same information as the plea link)

  Guys, you have found this page by reading my post in a thread in some of the forums where I hang out so you know kinda what itís all about.

So, let me first start with a little bragging showing that I have helped people and that I got nothing for it. I hate asking for help but like I said, Iíve helped before so maybe itís ok for me to ask, I donít know. Anyway..

This is from my time at the Ford-Truck forumÖ

When that dude came on here asking how much to ask for his Excursion because he needed to pay his mortgage so he and his two kids wouldnít get thrown out, I sent the guy $100. NOT as a loan but as a gift and I had never even talked to the dude.

Since I paid through paypal, Iím sure I can prove it if needed.


I also helped some people with money two years ago ($5k). They didnít pay me back and I lost that money. I took them to small claims court (they skipped the state) so I can prove that too.


I lent a friend of mine and his family $4000 when business went bad (with the latest financial crisis) around two years ago and to thank me for the help (they DID pay me back), when I had my truck repoed and asked if I could borrow or RENT one of their vehicles despite that they had several available vehicles they were not using, the answer was a simple NO!


So, Iím not just here asking for a hand out, Iíve helped people that needed it and Iím just asking for someone to buy some stuff from me so please make me a reasonable offer on some of my stuff and if you want me to verify any of this, please just e mail or call me.


Bottom line, Iím asking for people to buy some of my stuff so please look at the list of stuff for sale. SHOULD someone want to simply send me a contribution that WILL be paid back, probably before the end of this year, you can do so at info@totaldesignz.com on paypal or call me for questions at 704-624-0105 and itís easier to get hold of me after 9pm EST. SHOULD you do so and do it by paypal, please mark it CONTRIBUTION, LOAN or something obvious so I can find it when I have the money to pay you back.


As for the truck that was repoed, hereís the story..


I had my Ford Excursion repoed around a year ago. I tried to contact the bank about it as I could have caught up with the payments if they had given me a month or so but NO ONE responded. (I can verify EVERYTHING I say in here by the way or let you verify it if needed.)


The voice mail at the number they gave me clearly said NOT to leave a message more often than once every 24 hours and I kept leaving messages virtually every day. NO response. I kept calling my bank at their regular number asking for another number to their repo department but they claimed that was the only number they had or rather, the other numbers they gave me went to the same voice mail. I even asked the repo company for a number but they didnít have any other numbers either. Finally someone suggested that I find a dealer who could buy the truck back for me which I did. I offered the dealer $2000 on top of what he pays for my truck.


Well, long story short, he did buy it back and Iíve been making payments on it with $12k left to pay. This guy turned out to be a real gem and even refused to START my truck up from time to time at which point I had to send someone to go out there and start it up for me as I have no transportation myself. (AGAIN, verifiable by the people that went there).

Needless to say, I now have no money for the truck either which means Iíll lose it too and Iíve already paid close to $6000 which Iíll lose.

Come to think of it, I have the original 6 CD radio for sale if someone wants to buy it (2005 model truck) and on the list, I have a brain for a Kenwood in dash unit for sale. (See #9 on the list).


========== Explanation of the 20% and all that ===========

For those who don't know about my inheritance, ie, new friends and again, people that have recently bought stuff from me. My dad died, left me his house, his wife, NOT my mother is taking me to court and trying to take the house away from me. He did NOT in any way leave her empty handed. He bought her a very expensive apartment in the capital in Bulgaria where I was born and she didn't have to work a day as long as she was married to him (20 years) as opposed to my mom who worked full time. When he died, to thank him for this, when she found out he didn't leave HER the house, she refused to BURY him and my mom who had been divorced from him for over 20 years had to step up and bury him and YES, all this can EASILY be verified with a couple of phone calls.

I hate to send this out to people I don't know well but I'm really in a jam and I am willing to PAY for the help so don't feel bad taking the interest I'm offering. I have little interest in stuff as they're only possessions anyway.

To those who don't really know me well, please consider BUYING something from me. Everything I have is up for sale at this point.)

--- On with the question at hand

I need a loan, ANY amount will help so that I can catch up with my late mortgage fees which I estimate around $3-5000. The bank wouldn't tell me over the phone how much it is (?) but they're sending me a letter with the amount. Anytime before the sale, IF I can come up with the amount, the foreclosure stops.

This will buy me time to finish the thing in Sweden with my inheritance (my dads house). We're going to court over it on March 23rd and unless she appeals to the supreme court who will turn it down as the case is not important enough (and in which case it'll take another 30-60 days before they do) this IS the end of it. It'll take another 30 days or so for me to get the deed to the house at which point I can apply for a loan from a bank at a reasonable amount or simply sell the house and get around $70-80k more than I can get today!

I DO have a buyer for the house right now, but he's only willing to pay a semi reasonable amount and our calculations estimate that if I sell to him, I'll LOSE approximately 5-600,000 SEK (Swedish Krona) which is roughly $70-80,000 depending on the exchange rate.

Needless to say, considering I'm right now making less than $10k a year, this is a lot of money for me to just LOSE!

I am more than willing to pay you an interest of 20% on this money and I can give you some of my stuff as collateral. The more expensive stuff I have is computer stuff, I need it but bottom line, I'll of course give it up to save my house.

By the way, we were up for court on Dec 8 but my dadís wife postponed it due to sickness...yeah, right...and she could try this again but my lawyer doesn't think they'll postpone it again so hopefully this is it.

My plan is to fix the house when I finally get it and either sell it or hold on to it for awhile and rent it out which WILL give me around $1000 a month after expenses (8000 SEK). Yes, it's in a very sought after area in the city where I lived.

SHOULD I lose in court which no one believes including the lawyer of the guy that wants to buy the house, I will still get HALF the house which is worth more than enough to pay back any loans that I may get. This is guaranteed by Swedish law. I cannot get less than HALF the house and she wants it so I would more than likely just sell my part to her.

Should you or anyone want to lend me a larger amount of money and need to get in touch with my lawyer there are many ways to do that.

He speaks Swedish, you can call the court house with the case number and they will tell you what's going on as this is public information and anyone can ask about it. The courts number can be looked up on the web to make sure I'm not making this up or anything and the house will be my collateral.

I'm sure it's possible to get one of the Swedish consulates in the US to verify this, you can have an attorney here in the US verify it or even fly there to do so (including visiting the actual court house).

Again, I am offering 20% which means that even if whoever is interested in possibly giving me a loan doesn't have the money but they have for instance some equity in their house and take a loan on it, they will pay approx 5% interest on it today. This will net you 15% profit AFTER you've paid your loan off when I pay back.

Yes, I am asking a favor, this IS extremely important to me and although I hate when people play the sympathy card, my main concern IS my dogs. I have lost my possessions so many times in my life. I did when I left Sweden and moved to Spain as my so called friends stole all my stuff in storage and I did when I left Spain and moved to the States. I don't care about the stuff, it's only money. I would LIKE to keep my stuff but I'll give it all up right now to save my dogs.

I can personally live anywhere but again, nowhere, where they will let me keep my dogs.

Now, to make this more than just a favor, I again am offering a 20% interest on this money and at the most, this should end THIS year at which point everyone will get paid. I am also including a link to some of my better stuff that I can put up for sale/collateral.


If you cannot help me or want to which is ok, no offense taken, feel free to pass this on to someone that might. The stuff I can send as collateral is ready to go or if someone needs to talk to me about the collateral in Sweden, my number is 704-624-0105 and as always, I'm easier to catch me in the evenings.

Finally, if I manage to sell even half of the stuff on the list, I will be able to stop the foreclosure on my house and yes, at this point, prices are negotiable.

Please, do not feel sorry for me, I'm partially to blame for this and I should have done something about this a long time ago but I have trusted the people claiming they will arrange for a loan but as you understand, I can't wait any longer for any loans or miracles from Sweden.

Thanks and if you decide that you can lend me some money and want a certain item as collateral, please let me know which so I can reserve it as I have the whole list up for sale in several places on the web.

Again, even small amounts make a difference and please, expect payment as fast as two months from now and as late as the END of this year.

Thank you